Havana Cigar Lounge - The High Desert's ONLY Cigar Lounge

Club Rules & Memberships


1. Please no ripped or torn clothing
2. No vape or marijuana
3. No baggy or sagging clothes
4. Please no offensive or vulgar attire
5. No outside cigars (non-cigars)
6. Our Wi-Fi is open for public use
7. We reserve the right to refuse service
8. Anyone who comes in and has use of the club must pay the daily fee, regardless if they smoke or not.  Those wishing to buy and go will not inquire a daily fee
9. Havana is a FULL SMOKING ESTABLISHMENT, please do not enter if you can not handle the smell of cigar smoke 
10. 21 and over only, unless you can provide an active Military lic then its, 18 and over
11. No cash allowed on the poker table
12. RELAX!
13. Havana proudly embraces the 2nd amendment.  Lawful concealed carry is permitted
14. Havana employees are not permitted to drink while on duty


1. $3.00 cutting fee for any outside cigar
2. Cigars purchased outside of Havana may not be stored in lockers
3. No offensive language on locker

Havana allows you to set up monthly payment plans.  Please call for additional information.
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