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Club Rules & Memberships

Walk-Ins Welcome

Havana is open to the public. We want Havana to be a safe and comfortable place for you to enjoy.  So we ask that you follow these simple rules;

MEMBERSHIP FEES: (not needed to shop & go)

Daily Trail Membership:   $5.00 per person

Locker Memberships:   $500.00 a year

fee includes locker, member dues, 10% off purchases & exclusive club use

Non-Locker Memberships:   $300.00 a year

fee includes 10% off purchases, member dues & exclusive club use



1. Please no ripped, baggy, sagging 

or torn clothing

2. No vape or marijuana

3. Please no offensive or vulgar attire or language

4. Outside Cigars: We have a 1 for 1 policy for Members Only. For every cigar you bring in, one cigar must be purchased. Non-members are not allowed to bring in outside cigars.

5. Our Wi-Fi is open for public use

6. We reserve the right to refuse service

7. Anyone who comes in and has use of the club and amenities must be a member or pay daily trial membership fee, regardless if they smoke or not. Those wishing to shop and go will not incur any additional fees

8. Havana is a FULL SMOKING ESTABLISHMENT, please do not enter if you cannot handle the smell of smoke

9. 21 and over only!

10. No cash exchange allowed on the poker table

11. RELAX!

12. Havana proudly embraces the 2nd amendment. Lawful concealed carry is permitted

13. Havana employees are not permitted to drink while on duty

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